Sound Design Portfolio

Theatrical trailer “Hamlet, Ορχήστρα των μικρών πραγμάτων(2015)” – Sound Design

Trailer of the full length movie “Happiness”(2013) – Sound Design

Theatrical trailer “Ανύπαρκτοι Φίλοι”(2015) – Sound Design

Web Commercial – (2014) – Production, Video Editing, Sound Design & ADR

4 Screen Project Installation in Edinburgh (2011) “Temporal Geography of George Square” – Sound Design 

4Frontal – Όνειρο Καλοκαιρινής Νύχτας (theatrical play) –Recording & Mixing

AN-KI – Εκτός Εαυτού (theatrical play) – Recording & Mixing


Designing Sound Effects & Music Logos  – Royalty Free Audio Stock

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